Once Again – The Pre-loved Clothing Store is run by Vikki van der Merwe. Vikki’s interest in pre-loved clothing has always been with her and following a trip to the United Kingdom to visit her daughter, she was inspired to make this dream a reality. So we thank you in advance for being a part of her dream. Vikki: I have always tried making something out of pre-loved clothing and wanted to have a platform whereby one can bring in one’s unwanted items and have them sold and then also have the opportunity to buy someone else’s unwanted items. My aim is to give you this trusted opportunity – so when we do business with you, you will be given a code which is only known to Once Again – The Pre-loved Clothing Store and yourself. No one will know whose clothes they are buying or who is selling. Research has shown that retail therapy is so good for you – so clean out your wardrobes and give us a call.