We buy and sell pre-loved clothing.

We offer a service for you to clear out your wardrobes and to sell your pre-loved clothes and accessories.

So if you have something wonderful hanging in your wardrobe that you know you will never wear again, why not re-cycle it and put it up for sale with us?

You tell us what realistic price you have in mind for an item, we put it in our shop for an agreed upon period and when sold, you receive your percentage of the sale.
We are prepared to negotiate a selling price as we know how frustrating it is to pay a fortune for something that you don’t wear/use or even worse for you to give it away for nothing just to get it out of your way.

If your item does not sell after an agreed upon period, we contact you, and you can either collect your items or have them donated to a charity of your choice. If your items are not collected within 14 days, then we donate them to charity for you.

We try to keep our stock of garments and accessories as fresh as possible by displaying the many items as they come in and removing the old stock.

To keep this service to a high standard, please take time to consider that if you are prepared to sell items you no longer wear or use, so will other clients, thus making an exciting variety of clothing for you to choose from at a fraction of the cost.

We will not promote anything that we know would be unable to sell as we want our customers to have the best choice possible at reasonable cost.