1. Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store will act as your agent to sell your items at the price agreed to. There is a once-off admin fee of R100 for every 50 items or part thereof payable with each drop-off.  This admin fee is used to set up your account and to cover all processing and handling of your items.  There are no other fees.
  2. All items must be in good quality and must be clean with no stains or blemishes or tainted by smoke or other odours. Buttons and zips should all be intact and working properly and collars and cuffs must be in an excellent condition.  In the case of vintage items, the items must be clean and in good vintage condition, in line with age of the item and not be tainted by smoke or other odours.  Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store reserves the right to refuse any item which is unsuitable for sale and does not meet the standards.
  3. Items proposed for sale should be brought into the store. The items will be inspected either at that time, or if not possible, then during the next 5 days following which we would ask you to contact us so that we can let you know which items have been accepted for sale and ask you to collect items not accepted.
  4. On request, Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store will issue a receipt for the items.
  5. Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store will retain the items for sale until sold or until you request the return thereof. The items will be advertised on the website and will also be displayed instore.  Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store will retain 50% of the sale proceeds as it’s commission on sale.  The balance of the sale proceeds will be paid to you by means of an electronic payment directly into your bank account.
  6. Weekly payments will only be made for amounts exceeding R100. Should there be amounts less than R100, payment will be held back until such time as the amount exceeds R100.  Should there be amounts of less than R100 outstanding after the items have been returned to you, a special payment will be made.
  7. Should your items not sell within the first 3 months, Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store will reduce the price of those items to endeavor to get them sold. Should the items still not sell, you will be contacted and you can either collect your items or have them donated to a charity of your choice.  If your items are not collected within 14 days, they will be come the property of Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store, who could donate them to charity on your behalf.
  8. Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store will display your items on the website and instore where prospective buyers might handle and may try on garments and some blemishes or the like may occur.
  9. All items left with us for sale remain your property until sold and are left at your own risk. Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store will not accept any liability for items lost, stolen or damaged whilst in our possession.  Your items are not insured against loss or damage by theft, fire or any other means.  It is a fundamental term of this agreement that all items are left solely at your own risk and that no responsibility will be accepted by us for any loss or damage to your items caused by whatever means.  Insurance of any clothing left with us is entirely your own responsibility.
  10. By signing the agreement, you agree that your items will be posted on Once Again – The Pre-Loved Clothing Store’s website, Facebook page and all other social media networks pertaining to advertisement, promotion and sales purposes. You further agree that your items can also be displayed and sold instore, as deemed appropriate.
  11. By leaving your items for sale, you agree to these terms and conditions.